Saving Controller Configuration

Soarer PC now saves your controller configuration. 6 degrees of translation and rotation make for a lot of controls, and it was getting troublesome re-configuring controls every session. Implementation is quite straightforward. The control bindings object is turned into a string using JSON.stringify, stored in a cookie (best tutorial at w3schools), and converted back into … More Saving Controller Configuration

Seasonal Day-Night

We now adjust the day-night cycle for the seasons, making days longer in summer, and shorter in winter. Previously, we simply overlaid a night layer and made it most opaque at 0:00 and most transparent at 12:00, local time. Our model remains basically the same, but now accounts for the varying paths of the sun … More Seasonal Day-Night

Safari Range

iOS Safari’s implementation of HTML range sliders is poor. The slider button is small, especially on mobile, and they’re quite unresponsive, particularly when they’re rotated 90°, so you end up dragging the screen. Not only is this frustrating, it is a problem because the app requires their extensive use in configuring control sensitivity and motion. … More Safari Range

PC Version Online

Features: Controller support, customisable controls, six degrees of freedom. PC differs from mobile in two important ways: Customisable controls: Keyboard only, Controller only, or mixed. You choose. Graphics settings default to max. No catering for underpowered handheld GPUs. The Glorious PC Master Race must be appeased.

Showcased on Cesium

Much thanks to Cesium for showcasing us. Cesium is 99% of our app. No exaggeration. Want to make awesome globe visualisations? Their tutorials will step you through installing a web server, then some simple projects, with plenty of samples, comprehensive documentation, and a WYSIWYG IDE to boot. That’s how we did it. You can, too.

Virtually there

VR is available via Android cardboard. It’s experimental. It’s finicky: VR mode has its own orientation tracking which may not complement our tilt controls. But it’s fun. For the best experience: enable keyboard, enable terrain, fly to where you want, look at the horizon, crank sensitivity way down, hide the controls, turn on VR by … More Virtually there